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Hey! I'm Anne, but you can call me Annie

As your go-to Market Research Consultant, I help you make intentional business moves and deliver exactly what your customers need and are excited about. 

Originally California grown and a Cal Poly Alum (go Mustangs!), I’m now living and working in Vancouver, BC.

After working as a Market Research Recruiter and Project Manager for 5 years in the corporate world, I received a heart transplant and realized that life is short! I wanted more freedom and a healthier work-life balance.

When I took my expertise online as a freelance market researcher, I noticed a lot of online offers that were not practical for small business owners and the buzz around doing your own Market Research did not include proper tools & techniques for successful outcomes.

Now, I’m spearheading a way for small business owners to gather data so that business decision making is effortless and definitive.

the go-to market research consultant for small business owners

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My Core Values

Upholding high-integrity and ethical practices

Leading the way forward and always giving 110%

Creating a productive and empathetic workspace


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