How long will this project take?

Every project has a different timeline. The variables include what market research study Tier you've chosen, the type of research participants required for the research, the client's involvement in the recruiting process. In general, the average timeline is 4-6 weeks.

When can I expect all of the data and findings from the research project?

You can expect the raw survey data, research findings report, audio recordings, persona's, and infographics after the final payment has been made. In order to begin a market research project, you must make a down payment & sign a contract. After the research is complete and all findings have been presented to the client a final invoice will be sent. The most popular payment plan is half upfront and the final half at the close of the project, however, I accept monthly payment plans and send the data findings & insights after the final payment has been made.

How do I know the people you are surveying are right for me?

During our first kick-off meeting, we will define who will be the best market research participants using the research recruiting process. Each project recruiting criteria varies based on the objectives/goals. If the client chooses to discover a new target audience I will use pre-vetted research databases to capture audience samples using a double screener process to ensure that the participants who are eligible for the research are the perfect fit. Finally, I review each response as it comes in to make sure that the data stays clean.

Will I be able to contact the participants?

Participant contact information from a research database will not be shared with the client. This is because the participant has requested that their information stay confidential as they do not want to be contacted after the research has been conducted. If the participant is from your audience, is a client of yours, or was a previous client who chooses to participate in research you may do with their information what you will. In general, it is not best practice to conduct market research with someone and then contact them for sales at a later date.

How does participant compensation work & will I be responsible for that?

The client is responsible for compensating all research participants, however, I can help guide you in how you will compensate them and the appropriate amounts based on the methodology being used.

What kinds of insights will I learn?

  • Your target audience's goals, challenges, and desires.
  • Their intent to purchase behavior.
  • Messaging that deeply resonates with them.
  • What you can add or subtract from your offer suite to make it the most profitable based on your
  • customer's wants/needs